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Welcome to the Yo brigade! You’ve reached the first and oldest fansite dedicated to the multi-talented Jon Huertas. Running since 2010, Jonhuertasfan.com aims to promote the amazing entertainer Jon is, and support him in all his projects, including Castle, his other acting, production & directing projects as well as his music career. Make sure to follow our twitter as we post daily/weekly Jon news. And don’t forget to read our exclusive interview with the man himself!

EXCLUSIVE : Jon Huertas on Castle, Shay-Jean and upcoming projects.

Hi everyone! Jon was very kind to take some time to answer my questions for a new exclusive interview for the site – like he did in 2011- and I want to thank him again for his time and kindness. So here’s the interview! And don’t miss the all new Castle episode ‘Heartbreaker’ focused on Esposito, airing Monday April 4th on ABC!

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

Jon Huertas Fan: We’re happy to hear that Heartbreaker is an Esposito Centric. Without telling too much, what can you share/tease about it ?

Jon Huertas : Well it’s episode that delves into Esposito’s past and we get to see the kind of woman that can really get to Esposito and make him go off the rails with her beauty and charm.

JHF: Esposito got promoted as a Sergeant this season. Are you happy with the evolution of your character through the years?

Jon Huertas : I am happy…I think the character was originally created with anything specific in mind. So what we’ve been allowed to do is collaboratively create a somewhat complex man that is a tool that keeps the show grounded in a procedural format.

JHF: What can the Castle fandom expect for the end of this 8th season ?

Jon Huertas : I don’t know what to expect with the end of the season. We still don’t know if we’re picked up and what the outcome of the Finale will be. Since the show has focussed so much on the Castle/Beckett Relationship, if one of them decides not to renew their contracts, I just don’t know what that show would look like. Sad to even have to think about it, really…Just know that we’ll continue having a blast filming the rest of the season and hopefully the audience will see and love that.

JHF:Anything about Esposito’s past (or future) you’d like to see develop by the writers in the hypothetical case of a season 9 happening ?

Jon Huertas : I’d love to see more of what his and Beckett’s past was like. Also I’d like to hear about more his time before he donned the NYPD badge.

JHF: You’re currently recording Shay-Jean’s first album with Seamus Dever. Can you tell us a bit more about the album and when can we expect the next’s single ?

Jon Huertas : We just had a meeting about that…We’re hoping to spend a lot of our hiatus shooting three music videos and plan on releasing the first one mid-summer.

JHF: In January you filmed a new short-movie, Dead Cat, directed by Lucas Spaulding. How was it working with him again [after Sequestered] and can you tell us about this project and your character?

Jon Huertas : This is a project I teamed up with the director from Sequestered on. I play the chief of police with a daughter that every young boy dreams about getting with. All I can say is that I beat somebody up, a poor cat ends up dead and the right boy gets the girl.

JHF: In parallel of these projects, is there any other project you’re currently working on /plan to work on in a close future ?

Jon Huertas : I’ve got a new company called WestSide Stories and we have a slate of about 10 projects, both TV and Film that we are developing. We need to see what happens with Castle before we can really plan the production schedule on any of these but hopefully even of we do another season, I’ll be able to see one of them through and on to the big or small screen.

JHF: Can you share your hiatus/summer plans ? Are you gonna be travelling to Europe like last year ?

Jon Huertas : Right now I have plans to travel to Puerto Rico to delve in the mood of the people there. The Island is in fiscal trouble and I wanna see what I can do to help. I’m also scouting and taking meetings there for a film project I may produce and shoot there.

JHF: We all hope it won’t be happening, but in case Castle doesn’t come back for a new season, are you already thinking about some upcoming projects or stuff you’d like to do?

Jon Huertas : Yeah the same ones I mentioned earlier with my company WestSide Stories.

JHF: Since last year, you’re an animal ambassador for Wildlands Network. What is the message you try to convey and why do you think it’s so important to protect wildlife and especially
carnivores ?

Jon Huertas : The overall message I have is that we can all live in harmony with Wild Animals and that we don’t have to push them out, contribute to the decline of a species, or be afraid of Apex predators because of antiquated ideas of man eating animals. When we reduce the number of carnivores it throws the entire ecosystems balance out of whack. I’m hoping that people will allow Wildlands Network to educate and/or they will educate themselves about harmonious living with Wild Animals and near still existing wild lands.

JHF: A final message for your fans ?

Jon Huertas : I just hope that we have been able to give them a laugh, grip them with suspense and entertain them over the last 8 years as well as take them on the journey of a beautiful love story. We’ve had a blast doing it and hope they had a blast watching it. And if they want another season, they should keep watching, tell people to watch and write tons of letters to ABC!!!

Interview by Marine for Jon Huertas Fan – April 2016